Newton Quotes and links to Newton House:


“If I have seen Further, it has been by standing on the shoulders of giants." (Isaac Newton 1643-1727)

Everyone in Newton house works together and helps each other to succeed and become greater than we were the day before – Always making progress – Always looking ahead – Always helping others.

“We build too many walls, not enough bridges” (Isaac Newton 1643-1727)

Everyone in Newton pulls together. Whether winning or losing, we are one Team – Always supporting each other – Always going out of our way to help each other. No Exception’s.

“My powers are ordinary, only my application brings me success” (Isaac Newton 1643-1727)

EVERYBODY can succeed. EVERYBODY can be a hero. It is our responsibility to own our actions and the impact they have..


Last year our fund went to the Children’s Cancer Unit at The Princess Royal.

This year we are Stand up for Cancer.