Duke of Edinburgh


Last academic year we ran the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme (Bronze award) at Telford Priory School. Please see information on the scheme in the documents below, or you may also like to visit the D of E website: www.dofe.org

Due to the current restrictions we will hope to continue with our Bronze expedition training and preparation in the Spring term of 2021. Please refer to the letter sent home for the most recent instructions.

Frequently asked questions may be answered for you below:

  • You can take a break from a section and return to it once things return to normal. The number of weeks that you have already done will still count towards it. 
  • Speak to your Assessor and decide on a way that you can continue doing your current activity from home. Of course, this might mean making a few changes but if your Assessor is happy and you are still committing 1 hour per week and showing evidence to the Assessor that this is happening, then once you have finished the 3 or 6 months they can still complete the Assessor Report for you. 
  • The third option is that you can change the activity you are doing for the section. The weeks that you have already done will still count and you will need to get your Assessor to fill in an Assessors Report to confirm the length of time you have already committed. There are lots of ideas here for new activities that you can do from home: https://www.dofe.org/dofewithadifference/activities You will then need to select a new activity and find an Assessor for this (this could be a friends parent, a neighbour or a teacher for example). Agree with them what you will be doing each week, keep evidence about your weekly activity and once your 1st & 2nd activity meet the 3 / 6 month time commitment then your new Assessor needs to complete another Assessor Report for you. This means that you will have two Assessor Reports uploaded on eDofE for the section which your DofE Leader can then check before approving. Your Assessors can fill in Assessor Reports by either going to: https://edofe.org/Assessor and submit the report online. They will need to know your eDofE ID number if doing this. 
  • You can send them the Assessor Report (see form below) over email, ask them to fill it in and then once they send it back you can upload it to your eDofE account as evidence.
If you are still not sure what the best plan is, email Mrs Massey (see letter sent home also below for details.)