I am delighted to welcome you to The Telford Priory School.

I am immensely proud to be Headteacher at our school because being part of our school means being part of something special. We are not prepared to settle for anything less than extraordinary. Our school believes in children and what they can achieve. Being part of The Telford Priory School means signing up to be part of something wonderful. We say regularly to our students and staff that ‘A hero can be anyone’; that is what we are striving for. We recognise the hero in ourselves and others from the ‘big’ set pieces we do, such as raising money for charity through our numerous community events, to the smaller things like persevering with a difficult task or being polite.

We have two equally strong parts to our vision. We believe that all students in our school are entitled to the powerful knowledge which exists in our world.

At TPS we offer:

A curriculum that both offers academic reward and builds cultural capital; a curriculum that prepares our students for whatever career they choose, at the highest level they choose; a curriculum which will allow our students to join and lead the highest levels of debate in current affairs and community as informed global citizens; a curriculum that brings students in to participation and appreciation of the most beautiful, fascinating and exciting areas of culture and human endeavour; a curriculum to empower.

We also believe that children leaving us should be employable and positive members of society!

“Our ambition is that all students will be able to engage meaningfully, purposefully and positively in our community, society and world. They will be confident, innovative and ambitious for themselves and others, absolutely believing that they are the ‘masters of their own fate’. They will understand the complexities of life and have the necessary skills and perseverance to face these challenges positively. They will know that the world is ever changing and that they must find a productive way of being successful in it. They will know the dangers and opportunities within our world and will strive to improve themselves, reflecting on their actions and choices. Students will also recognise their rights and responsibilities. They will demonstrate excellent manners and will be respectful of themselves, their environment and each other. They will believe in themselves and the contribution they can make, seeking out opportunities to improve our world, particularly helping those who are vulnerable. They will know that they are the next generation of heroes.”