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At TPS, your child's well-being, safety, academic and social development continues to be of upmost importance. In our ongoing commitment to ensure that we continue to provide the most effective support to all of our students and parents, we have introduced a new 'Parents in Partnership' group.

The purpose of this group is to ensure that parent voice is communicated to key staff members in school, enabling us to continue to work in partnership to develop your child's school and the support and services it provides.

The Parents in Partnership group will meet each half term to review strategies and systems we have in place and will be led by a small group of parents who will work alongside Mrs Young and Ms Jordan.

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Latest Updates! 

Read about our new online EAL platform - 

Following discussions with students about well-being and healthy use of screen time, it is important to ensure good posture during live online lessons. This will of course continue to be important when students return to the classroom as they will at times be required to complete some home learning tasks online also. This short video offers some helpful tips about how to adjust posture to ensure comfort and healthy use of devices.


Family Fun Challenge! 

We understand that the current situation during Covid-19 and lockdown can present many challenges. Throughout the term we will be sharing a range of links to help you support your child(ren) not only with their learning and organisational skills, but also helpful tips and links to support their well-being. We will of course also continue to offer support through our daily assemblies and weekly tutor sessions too.

The 'Fun Family Challenge' has been designed to promote well-being of all our students and families, encouraging them to spend together away from screens. We would like you to participate in the range of activities on the card throughout the next half term. There are some fantastic prizes available for bronze, silver, gold and platinum engagement so we very much hope that you will enjoy making a start over the half term break.

When you have completed an activity, please sign it off on the card, making sure you have taken a photo or video as evidence. When you complete each stage, please email a photo of your card and the activities you have completed to your child's Head of Team.

Closing date for entries to this challenge is Friday 26th March 2021.

Quiz Night Challenge Links

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