The Action Plan


Outdoor Classroom

The Outdoor Classroom is a small area in the quad which has been neglected, and which we are going to transform into a more peaceful area in which students can relax.

Our main aim is to make it a suitable area in which students can be taught, instead of being in an indoor classroom.

As well as this, we plan to grow fruit and vegetables which can be used in Food Technology, as well as attract wildlife!

We undertaking a TPS D.I.Y SOS!



Litter at TPS

One of our roles in Eco-Schools is to go twice a half-term on a litter sweep around the school grounds in order to reduce the amounts of litter and waste, to protect the environment.

As a part of this, we are running a litter poster competition to highlight the problem during Character Time in tutor time in Summer Term.

Battery Recycling

We have begun recycling batteries in order to reduce the amounts of pollution and waste that is created due to people not recycling batteries. All students will receive a battery recycling box and there will be prizes for Best Pupil, Best Form and Best House! This competition will finish at the end of May and the winners will be announced as part of the Epson Environmental Month in June.


Build a bike shed

More information to follow once the ‘Outdoor Classroom’ is finished!