Year 7 Student Voice






Student Voice is an integral part of life at The Telford Priory School because it is so important we have a number of ways in which the students cannot only share their ideas and opinions but also take on responsibility and really live out our mission statement by making a positive contribution to school life.

Please meet our TEAM 7 Student Voice Team below:

As your student voice, we would like to help you with anything that we can. We are looking at developing a way for you to talk to us so that you don’t have to come find us and talk to us in person. We hope that we can be of service and that having the voice as members of your year, it will make it easier for you to have help and sort your problems.

Luke Haughton

Hello I’m Luke and I am helping with Guidance and Support, and my interests include Doctor Who and any random stuff to do with the internet and community, so you can come and talk to me if you have any problems or just want a general chat one to one.

Charlotte Wortington

My name is Charlotte and my role is Anti- Bullying. My interests include writing fictional stories and drama. So you are welcome to come and talk to me, or one of the other Anti-Bullying ambassadors, if you have a problem with anything to do with Bullying.

Jennifer Massey

My name is Jennifer and my role is Rewards. I like music and anime, so if you share the same interests or are concerned about the rewards process, please come and discuss it with me.

Gurrsimran Kaur

My name is Gursimran and my role is Rewards. I love anime, music, acting, singing and musicals. If you share the same interests as me or you want to discuss the reward system then please feel free to come and talk to me.

Charlotte Green

My name is Charlotte and my role is an Anti-Bullying. It can be very hard taking the steps to get it dealt with but we are here to help make that easier.

Lewis Jones

My name is Lewis and I am here to help with Fundraising for any charities or companies, which I am really excited to be working on. My interests include music.

Jessica Sanders

Hi my name is Jessica and I help with the Team and Extra Curriculum activities for team 7. I am very excited to be part of this. My main interests are singing.

Lily Swift

My name is Lily and I am taking on the role of Fundraising. I like to listen to random song at random times as music is my main interest. I am look forward to working on Team7 student voice.

Alix Tomlinson

My name is Alix and I am a part of the Fundraising team, which I am really excited to be working on. My interests include fictional writing and scuba diving.

Archie Parton

My name is Archie and my job in the student voice is Events and Trips. My interests include playing video games, listening and singing to music and playing sports like field hockey and football.

Joe Tudor

My name is Joe and my job in the student voice is Events and Trips .My interests include video games, football and swimming,

Courtney Williams

My name is Courtney and my job in student voice is Team Competition and Extra-Curricular activities. My main interest are swimming, dance and singing.

Amrit Cheema

My name is Amrit and my job in student voice is Guidance and Support. I am really looking forward to being part of the team7 student voice team.

We look forward to sharing our ideas and working with our Heads of Year to represent our year group.