Student FAQs


Do students need to print work at home? Not really.

Students can do any of these:

1. They can email the work to the teacher. They need to ask for the teacher’s email address. Their teacher can mark the work electronically.

2. The teacher can collect the work electronically through our in-house computer monitoring system and then provide feedback electronically.

3. They can save the work to a USB flash drives (highly recommend every student has one of these) and then take it to the lesson to give the USB flash drive to the teacher (at the appropriate moment).

4. They can use the ICT suite 3.05 either breaktime or after school Tues, Wed, Thurs (or for a short while Fri) to transfer from the USB flash drive to their document area on a PC.

5. They can email their school account from home and then save again to their document area. In the ICT suite 3.05 either breaktime or after school Tues, Wed, Thurs (or for a short while Fri). Student school email addresses are the identical to their logon names with “” added on; eg.

6. They can email their teacher from any non-school email address attach the work to the email or bring it in on a USB flash drive and the teacher can print it out for them, at the appropriate time.

At Telford Priory School we want to promote a paperless school where we can to help the environment.  We understand that print outs are needed some times.

To support us in the goal, we would like all our students to own a USB flash drive as one of their standard pencil case items.  Most supermarkets stock 4Gb memory sticks quite cheaply. This is more than enough storage. Please make sure your name is written on the USB flash drive in permanent ink.

Should any printing be needed at home, it would be the absolute minimum.