Values & Ethos


Our Values

'Anyone can be a hero'

At The Telford Priory School, we believe that everyone can be a hero in their own way. We believe that the small things that we do can make a positive difference to someone’s life and we encourage and celebrate the achievements of staff and students both inside and outside of school. We believe that it is the duty of everyone to keep learning and growing together to become the very best that they can be.

TPS is sponsored by The Community Academies Trust and as such our core values are underpinned by a set of principles that shape and define the way we work with the students in our care and the community we serve.

Our three main types of achievement are:

Academic - where students are challenged to achieve more than they ever thought possible. We aim to create learners who succeed regardless of their socio-economic background. We believe that all students who enter our school should be able to access quality learning which enables them to succeed and be prepared for the next step of their education and life.

Relationships - where excellent relationships for learning form the basis for all types of achievement. Relationships at The Telford Priory School are founded upon a mutual trust and respect between all members of our community where high standards and expectations of oneself and each other are the norm. We expect all members of our school community to be courteous, polite and treat others as they expect to be treated.

Letting your light shine - where all the young people in our care can achieve something they can and should be proud of every day, in addition to their academic achievement. We believe that all students need to find their passion and be supported to excel in these areas. All students and staff should be able to grow within our school and become the absolute best that they can be.