T&W Ice Rink - Message for Parents


Telford and Wrekin Ice Rink - important safeguarding message from Paul Fenn - Community Safety, Cohesion & Environmental Enforcement Group Manager

A number of TPS students visit the ice rink on a regular basis, especially Friday evenings which are ‘Disco evenings’. These sessions are proving to be very popular with over 200 people / young people attending each session.

It has been brought to our attention that a number of young people when leaving these sessions are congregating outside and on the car park, some not organising lifts, others without credit on their mobile phones. We want to minimise these numbers as we want to keep the young people as safe as possible when they are leaving to go home.

With this in mind, we have developed a number of safety measures:

Increased patrols by Police / Police Community Support Officers.

Patrols from Street Pastors who are highly experienced in positive engagement within the night time economy and the 16 years and under events.

DJ to confirm at the end of the session for the young people to remain and be collected by parents / careers within the Ice rink.

Ice rink telephone available for those who have no mobile phone / low battery.

Security staff to positively challenge young people leaving at the end of the session to make sure that they are being collected straight away.

Thank you for your support