In order for students to reach their full academic potential, it is vital that they maintain outstanding attendance.  The current national average for secondary school student attendance is 95.5% and attendance below this may result in the Educational Welfare Officer becoming involved.  Further steps may then be taken if attendance does not improve.  

If there are any issues or concerns that may be impacting on your child’s attendance, please contact their tutor to discuss how we can support them to improve their attendance and ensure that their time at Telford Priory School is happy and successful.

We look forward to celebrating the outstanding attendance of all of our students. Please look out for updates on ‘Attendance Challenges’ and rewards throughout the year.


 Our ‘May Attendance Challenge’ will run between 11th – 25th May.

All students who achieve 100% attendance and punctuality during this period will receive a postcard home and 15 bonus Vivos.

In addition, their name will be automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a voucher.

Names will be drawn at the end of each week so there will be two winners from each House during this challenge.

Please also remember that in order to be eligible for the Alton Towers trip on 19th July, students must have achieved at least 95% attendance. 

This will be calculated from 8thy May.

We look forward to presenting students with their prizes and celebrating their hard work and success at Alton Towers at the end of term.