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TPS Good News Update

Updates for parents – week beginning Monday 9th Oct 2017

Our Year 7 settling in evening occurred this week and it was lovely to see so many happy students, and their parents, receiving the news of how well their children have settled into the school. Parents were also given information about their children’s ‘attitude to learning’. We have revised our criteria for what excellent attitude/ behaviour for learning looks like to ensure that students are striving for the highest standards. I have been pleased to see a number of year 7 students getting this excellent attitude to learning grade from their teachers. I wanted to share with all parents what this outstanding criteria looks like for students so that you can support your child to reach this standard. The main points from this criteria are summarised below: 

The student goes above and beyond seeks to further their own learning asking for feedback and further challenge

They may also take a lead in supporting other students with their work 

The student is punctual, self-motivated, participates in lesson fully, completes homework to a very good standard

Their behaviour is excellent – they are often on the praise board

They take clear pride in their work and act on any feedback they receive (using the purple pen)

Their work is completed to a very good standard following the presentation code

They are always equipped for learning with the appropriate stationery / kit

Thank you in advance for working with your children to help develop these positive attributes and attitudes. 

I mentioned last week that we had launched a most able event for some of our students which is part of a programme which is rolling down the school. I had a couple of queries from parents in relation to this and just wanted to take this opportunity to assure all parents that we have a full and comprehensive plan which will enable more of our students to visit colleges, universities and other provisions. We also have a full programme of visitors and speakers coming in to the school to work with us to provide opportunities and access to higher learning institutes and apprenticeships. Our lead on careers and enterprise, which includes university links, is Ms Lawson-Broadhead. She works closely with Leia Winch, our careers advisor, and also our more able coach, Mr Harding, who is currently setting up additional university links for us. I will keep parents and students informed of the developments here as they happen. If you wish to know more about these opportunities, do please email Ms Lawson-Broadhead who is busy finalising several plans for next half term. 

As we continue to work with students and develop our drive for excellence both inside and outside the classroom, I have awarded several citizenship awards this week: well done to Bavin Hashem, Kieran Broadhurst, Alexander Bennett, Mary Arthur, Freda Owusu, Keelan Pitchford, George Stokes, James Beamond, Tyler Bradley and Kieran Overton.  I also met with several students who were sent to show me some excellent work they had produced: Well done to Joel Harding, Gurtaran Sidhu, Adam Richards, Ben Eldred and Joshua Jackson! It was lovely to see your work. I also met with a very proud young man – James Beach – who had been awarded the Skill at Arms plaque as part of his work with the cadets; he told me he had been presented the award in front of around 200 people! This is quite an achievement. Well done James! I also met with Jamie Stinson and Neo Cartwright who had both been nominated for excellence by their house team. Well done to you both! Please do let us know in school if your child is excelling in something outside of school so that we can congratulate them here too! 

The vivos continue to be awarded to our students and the competition continue! The winners in the house competition so far are below: 

Shakespeare: 20,390, Elgar: 19,493, Churchill: 19,453, Newton: 18,155

Well done Shakespeare house! 

The top 3 students for collecting Vivos this week are below. Well done to all! 

Churchill: James Beach – PGT – 45, Amelia Abbotts – BMN – 25, Ruben Smart – AMY – 24

Elgar: Rhean Anslow – HGT – 31, Kieran Overton – JJN – 23, Kian Parker-Biggs – KKY/SDY – 19, Charlotte Amer – EWR – 19

Newton: Julia Rogaczweska – HSN/RMN – 22, Tyler Bradley – THN – 21, Ghaith Al Mustapha – SRY – 19, Jack Corbett – JTR – 19

Shakespeare: Aaliyah Pollock – YSH – 60, Lucy Haynes – SRN/JBK – 22, Flora Izing – MSH – 22

Attendance continues to be good this week so thank you to everyone for ensuring their children are in school each day. The house competition for attendance this week has Elgar in first place, Shakespeare in 2nd and Churchill narrowly beating Newton in 3rd place. Our attendance challenge is running this week with students having an opportunity to win a voucher for excellent attendance and punctuality. Thank you to all parents who continue to ensure that their children are in school on time every day. Well done everyone! 

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend.

Dates to note: 

2 November Team7 Halloween Disco

8 November Post 16 Progression Evening

Thank you as always for your support. 

Stacey Jordan (Headteacher)