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A Brief Introduction to the Performing Arts Department


All students at Telford Priory School have the opportunity to take part in concerts, shows and musical theatre productions. We believe that performing helps to build self-confidence and self-esteem, enabling our students to shine.

The School has fabulous facilities enabling us to teach Drama, Dance, Music, Music Technology and Technical Theatre to a high standard.

The faculty offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities including: 

• Annual Musical Theatre Production

• Senior Choir (including annual European Concert Tour) 

• All-comers Choir

• Soul Band

• KS3 and KS4 Dance groups

• Pop and Rock Band training

• Instrument Lessons

At KS3 all students study Music and Dance.  Music encompasses singing, playing keyboards, guitars and percussion, using music computer software and learning about different styles and genres of music.

Year 7: Singing and Notation, Musical Theatre, Pop Ballads, sounds of the Orchestra, World Music and Music Legends.

Year 8: Singing and Notation, Composition (Sibelius and Logic Pro), Music for Film, Performance Skills, Dance Music and Band Training.


Year 7: Performance Skills, Rock and Roll, Charleston, World Dance, Dance Composition & Analysis.

Year 8: Performance Skills, Bhangra and Bollywood Street Dance, Musical Theatre, Creative Combat, Salsa, Contemporary and Technique Training.

At KS4 Students are offered a wide range of pathways to develop more specific talents and abilities and enable our young people to leave The Telford Priory School with the knowledge and skills to go on to higher education and careers in the Arts.


At the Telford Priory School we pride ourselves on our performing arts provision, and our drama curriculum is second to none. With ambitious plays including works by Kafka, Ibsen, and Jim Cartwright, and explicit study of approaches such as Stanislavski's system and epic theatre our drama curriculum is set to develop students' knowledge, appreciation and performance to the highest level. Extra curricular activities include a drama club, Shakespeare festival and theatre visits both locally and to the West End.

Exam board: RSL Level 1/2 Performing Arts (acting)

GCSE Music (OCR exam board) 

As part of the Telford Priory School's flagship performing arts programme, our music curriculum focuses on the explicit teaching of the components of musical theory, allowing students to access and flourish in a wide and ambitious range of performance and analysis, leading to KS4 routes in either GCSE Music or Level 1/2 Performing Arts (Music).

Exam board: AQA 

BTEC Performing Arts: 

• Dance pathway

• Musical Theatre pathway

• Acting pathway

• Production pathway

• Music Performance pathway

• Music Technology, Sound recording and Lighting