A Brief Introduction to the Languages Department

Our aim is to provide the opportunity for all students to learn a Modern Foreign Language.  Lessons will be based on both language and cultural studies in order to encourage awareness, understanding and tolerance of ways of life other than their own.

Through co-operative learning activities based on developing oral, listening and reading skills, we aim to increase the students’ communication in the foreign language in a variety of relevant realistic situations. 

For many students, learning a language is a fantastic opportunity to start a new subject, so it is our priority to develop their self-confidence and powers of communication and, most important of all, to do this by making language learning an enjoyable experience for all.

Resources and ICT

In Key stage 3 French we use Studio active teach and active learn software and in Spanish we use ¡Viva! Resources.  All teaching resources for Years 7 to 8 are new and use interactive software.  Use of ICT by both teachers and students is integral to our lessons in order to provide real-life situations and authenticity.  One of the benefits of our new school is the improved ICT resources available which will further enhance language lessons.  

GCSE Languages

Following the heightened importance placed on language GCSEs by the EBacc initiative, students in Years 9 -11 are encouraged to take a language at GCSE, where they follow the AQA course.  They are offered one-to-one mentoring to give the best chance of success and regular intervention sessions are run by all staff. 


We are constantly looking for opportunities to organise trips where students can put their language skills in to practice and experience a new culture. Recently students took part in a fantastic trip to Barcelona as part of their Spanish studies.  Further to this, we are always looking at events run by outside agencies such as universities in the West Midlands. This year we also hosted Spanish and Mexican students over in this country to experience life in British schools. This helped to raise awareness of these different countries with some lucky TPS students ‘buddying’ the Spanish-speaking visitors.

MFL Revision

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