A Brief Introduction to the History Department

The History curriculum at The Telford Priory School gives opportunities for students to develop their understanding of British and World History.  Lessons are developed to boost skills including problem solving, interpretation, knowledge and understanding, enquiry and source skills.   Students will be able to build and develop substantiated arguments.

At Key stage 3, we study events in.  Medieval Britain and Europe; the Tudors and Stuarts; the Industrial Revolution and the Empire; the Slave Trade with the quest for Civil Rights up to the present day; the World Wars with their causes, events and consequences and we complete Key Stage 3 by looking at the world after the Second World War.

Key Stage 4 covers Years 9-11 and so pupils in Year 8 will make their option choices.  In Year 9 the students will begin to look at exam skills through the topics of terrorism and the cold war.  In the summer term they will begin developing their knowledge of exam topics alongside their exam skills.  

The topics for Year 10 and year 11 are the Development of Medicine, Norman England, Germany 1890 – 1945 (with specific focus on Hitler’s Germany) and the conflicts in Asia, including the Korean and Vietnam War.