Alternative Provision


MacArthur House opened in September 2018 as a significant and proactive step forward in the school’s commitment to inclusion and supporting students’ individual needs. It is a provision for students of the Community Academies Trust’s Telford hub who have additional learning needs (including SEND) which are particularly focused around behaviour.

Within a strong ethos of aspiration, positivity and progress, the aim of MacArthur House is to change the course that a student’s education is taking by re-engaging them and to help develop their personal and life skills so they can steer the new course for themselves in the future. The curriculum, therefore, is devised to promote strong academic progress alongside developing the well-being and self-understanding of the individual. Students in the House have access to specifically dedicated staff as well as subject specialist teachers and support staff in order to support and review progress in all areas.

The final phase of a student’s time with MacArthur House is undertaking a carefully monitored reintegration to mainstream lessons wherever possible.