The Telford Priory School is committed to providing a broad, balanced and personalised education for all of its students. From September 2017, Key Stage 3 will consist of years 7 and 8 where previously it was years 7, 8 and 9. At Key Stage Three, the emphasis is upon providing students with a varied diet of studies across a wide range of subjects. 

Students are then given the opportunity to choose some of their courses for Years 9, 10 and 11, in order to pursue particular interests or strengths. At this 'Options' stage, students choose from the subjects on offer, following specific 'pathways'. 

Curriculum Organisation

Our timetable is organised into fifty lessons (one hour each) per fortnight. In addition, there is a daily tutorial lesson of twenty minutes.

2017-18 Content: Years 7-8

Currently, all students in Years 7-9 study a core of 13 subjects.

In 2016-17, a 'Stepping Stones' curriculum was introduced for some year 7 students who we felt would benefit from a slightly different curriculum. Whilst they access all of the above, English, Mathematics, Geography, History and Religious Studies are all taught by one teacher through a thematic approach. Approximately half of these students will continue with one teacher in a thematic approach from September 2018 although their Mathematics lessons will be taught by the Mathematics department. There will be another 'Stepping Stones' group in the year 7 cohort starting in September 2017.  

Key Stage 4: Years 9, 10 and 11

From September 2017, all students in Years 9, 10 and 11 will study a core of subjects which provides our young people with a broad and balanced curriculum diet. This core comprises English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and, for some students, Religious Studies. All students then select from Geography or History, and a proportion of our students will follow the EBACC route, studying a modern foreign language (French or Spanish). Students are also able to pursue two (EBACC students) or three further courses of their choice which allows for a degree of specialisation according to students' interests and aptitudes. The breakdown in terms of curriculum time is as follows: 


 2017-2019 Option Choices

GCSE Geography

GCSE History 

GCSE French

GCSE Spanish

GCSE Computer Studies 


BTEC Performing Arts 

GCSE Music 

BTEC Sport 

Business Studies

Creative iMedia 


GCSE Film Studies

BTEC Health and Social Care 

Food and Catering

GCSE Graphics 


Supporting your child

Sometimes your child might be working hard, but is still struggling in a subject or isn't making the progress you think they are capable of making. There can be lots of reasons for underachievement. Were they prepared for the assessment? Do they get a good night's sleep? Do they eat breakfast? Have they done their revision? When students underachieve we often find it is because they are not revising effectively at home in preparation for their assessments. Reading a book is only going to jog their memory, not really help them learn. Students need to be actively seeking to remind themselves of things they have learned. Quizzing your child, asking them about their learning, creating mind maps of learning, redoing WAGOLLs from their books and checking the answers match, or asking them to teach you or a sibling are all good methods for revising.

To assist you in supporting your child to revise more effectively you will find the following information in subject area pages on this website:

  • Curriculum overviews. These show the units that are taught during the year. These are the first things your child should revise.
  • Assessment sheets. These are an explicit list of topics / skills that will be assessed. Assessments include work from other previous years as retaining this knowledge is key to long term success. Your child will need to ensure they have revised everything on this list.
  • Website links. There are many websites that are really useful learning tools. You tube has hundreds of videos teaching specific skills for every subject, however there are some websites that are interactive and allow students to test themselves and check their understanding. Each subject has links to websites the teachers feel are useful. Some may require logins; please ask your child to speak with their class teacher if they don't know theirs.


Revision guides are also available from school, at a reduced cost, through Parent Pay, if you would like physical resources.

If you would like further information regarding the curriculum at Telford Priory School please call Mr C Edwards, Assistant Headteacher - Curriculum, on 01952 386400